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Bruce Malone English IPA

ABV: 5.8%
IBU: 48
Colour: 17 EBC

Bruce Malone is based on a traditional English style IPA where malt complexity and balance is the focus. A combination of Australian, British & German malts combine to create a full, rich body, balanced by a substantial bitterness and a lovely noble English late hop profile. Pairs well with Pie and Mash.

Bruce is the guy who always knows what time it is.

Bruce is the man who always brings the biz.

He’s the cat who always knows where it’s at.

He’s the chap who can tell this from that.

Bruce is the man who always plays to win,

And he’s the one who makes the ladies sing.
He’s the one who spits in the eye of fear,

Then kick’s back and savours a tasty beer

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