Dads Army - Chris' Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.4%
IBU: 40


This year's Chris's Imperial Stout was aged in Beenleigh Rum Barrels for just over 3 months where it picked up an abundance of Rum and oak character, balanced by its huge roasted malt character and silky mouthfeel. Weighing in at 9.4% ABV it is sure to warm your belly in the depths of winter.

There’s a track, To a shack, Past the shed way out back
And it’s where you’ll find Dad’s Army
They’ll have some cards, Talking hard, Over beer that’s aged with Chard’
They are the Yulli’s Brews Dad’s Army
Whether Mike is out and surfing, Or Pops is on his deck,
Chris is always with you, And Van will have your back
They have advice, They’ll give it thrice,
Ignore it and pay the price,

They are dads that love malted-barley

75a Burrows Road, Alexandria NSW 2015

© Yulli's Brews 2021

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