Our philosophy when it comes to food is as simple as it gets. We make tasty, honest to goodness food that’s best coupled with great beer and shared with good mates.


We’re a tight knit crew from varied cultural backgrounds and we aim to represent this through elements of our menu. You’ll find a few Korean inspired dishes, a touch of Greek, a sprinkle of Vietnamese and a bit of true blue native Aussie thrown in the mix too.

We’re definitely not afraid to blur the lines between these and experiment with untraditional combinations and ingredients to create dishes that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.


We always try to opt for the ethical, informed and environmentally sustainable choice in everything we do including our menu. We source from local growers and independent business’ wherever possible; we really believe in supporting the little guys. It’s how we started out and it’s our turn to give back! Currently we are sourcing our oyster mushrooms from a couple of fellas who are using our spent grain from brewing to grow these tasty morsels!


We love cheeky taste matching. Pairing our favourite dishes with the perfect brew to create a whole palate experience is something we will always get a kick out of.  In saying that we definitely appreciate that sometimes a simple schooey of Norm’ and a bowl of chips is just what the doctor ordered.


Our objective is, simply, to make food that everyone can enjoy.  

The Food

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