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Gretchen Organic Maple Kolsch

ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 17
Colour: 9 EBC


'Gretchen' is our take on a classic German style Kolsch, where a cold fermentation promotes a clean, lager-like finish to this easy drinker. We sourced all organic ingredients for this one, with organic Pilsner malt from Germany, organic Cascade hops from NZ, and organic maple syrup from the Canada. The beer finishes super clean and easy, with a lovely maple flavour on the back palate. Pairs well with mezze plates, smokey dips and chips from the vending machine.

Gretchen's eyes glaze over as the pub chat turns to sport
There's not enough substance here for her pointed thought
Politics and art are where she has her say
Or of pinot gris with skin contact and of beaujolais
Gretchen is good value on a night of food and laughter
Unless of course she's working on her latest sculpture
She loves the status of the pub but cringes at its stink
She always starts with a beer as long as it's organic.

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