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Hans Gropo Farmhouse Quencher

ABV: 4.1%
IBU: 17
Colour: 8 EBC


Hans Gropo Farmhouse quencher is a light and dry farmhouse ale aimed at quenching your thirst (and wildest dreams) in the form of a Grissette. A traditional Saison yeast strain combined with a super light malt backbone and 3 trans-continental hops makes for the ultimate table beer, a true quencher with a little bit of fun(k). Originally brewed in collaboration with Sydney's iconic Frankie's Pizza. Pairs well with pickles and fermented foods.

Hans is no ladies man, he'll tell you every chance
He'd rather live a clubbing life and boy can our hans dance
From dusk till dawn, Hans struts his stuff; the 'man' in romance
He swings, he sways, he always plays and cripes can that Hans dance
Hans is cheek and flair and fun, a life of opulence
Of sailing boats and sneaky tokes and say, a little dance?
Hans is loyal friendship a man to take a stance,
He'll have a beer, a laugh, a tear and then, I think, a dance.

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