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Margot Dry Apple Cider

ABV: 5%


A clean, dry and easy drinking cider made from the freshest of apples from the Adelaide Hills. Margot offers a basket of fresh green apple aromas on the nose and a delicate sweetness, before finishing dry and effervescent to leave you quenched and tantalised at
the same time. Pairs well with hors d’oeuvres. Contains sulphites.

Our Margot's eyes are something like the sun,
Once it has set and partying's begun.
Her wit is keen and nimble as a cat,
That once was sharp but now is old and fat.
She walks with style and delicate finesse,
Until she trips on her dark flowing dress.
Her temperament is something of a myth,
For she could instill fear into a stiff.

Straight-up she's light and fresh as spring's new dawn,
Like freshly fallen apples on the lawn

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