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mums mango can.jpg

Mum's Mango

Pale Ale

ABV: 5.3%
IBU: 30
Colour:  10 EBC

Mum's Mango Pale Ale is a wonderfully fresh and juicy pale ale with a uniquely Australian summer twist. A bountiful supply of cold pressed Mango juice was added to the beer during fermentation to complement the light malt base and round out the body, while a solid dosing of Aussie and US hops do all the work on the nose and the back end. Drinks best as fresh as possible, and pairs well with chutneys and relishes.

Every time you make a choice mum will always have a say,
Usually it is voiceless; an unknown presence more her way.
Mum's the change of heart before the lie passes your lips,
She's the first decent decision as you're cashing in your chips.
Mum's a game of Marco Polo or a lazy game of trap,
She's the sound of grandstand cricket, a slap of zinc, a floppy hat. 
Mum's that nostalgic smell of childhood as summer's first mango is cut,
Mum's the one who gently mentions the slight increase of your gut.
Mum's a summery mango pale ale and a family BBQ,
When you peal yourself up off the lounge to cool off in the pool. 

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