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Norman Australian Ale

ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 29
Colour: 6.0 EBC


Norman Australian Ale is an approachable session beer made from all local ingredients. A light malt base makes way for an abundance of hop character; showcasing vibrant citrus aromas and hints of apple and pear on the palate before finishing with a crisp, clean bitterness leaving you wanting more. Australian hops Galaxy and Ella shine in this quencher, pairing nicely with our locally sourced malt to create a uniquely Australian Ale.

Norm’s taught a bit of high school maths
and sometimes drives a cab He’s caught a bus,
he’s missed a train and carried home a slab Norm
eats beetroot on his burger and has his pie with sauce.
He’d always take the driving range over the golf course
Norm’s dabbled in park cricket on a Sunday afternoon
He’s lain a bet and laughed and wept and something in between
Norman’s gumtree loyal and not much for career
But the one thing to remember is that Norman loves a beer

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