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Candy Warhol Colouring Book



This is a colouring book for adults featuring 148 cans from 38 beloved Sydney breweries. 


Going as high as the Northern Beaches, as south as the Shire, into Bondi in the East and as far west as Five Dock. Sydney's hidden gems of the beer world are laid out across 50 beautiful pages, ready for you to crack into. Become a can artist yourself and let that creative spark go wild, especially on the last few pages which includes blank outlines for you to make your own.


Featuring original can design from: 


  • 7th Day Brewery
  • Akasha Brewing Company
  • Atomic Brewery
  • Batch Brewing Co
  • Beaches Brewery
  • Bondi Brewing
  • Beer Fontaine
  • Brickworks Brewing
  • Bucket Boys Craft Beer Co
  • Buckettys Brewing Co
  • Curly Lewis
  • Cronulla Beer Co
  • Dad & Daves Brewing
  • Endeavour Brewing Co
  • Freshwater Brewing Co
  • Frenchies Bistro and Brewery
  • Grifter Brewing Co
  • Hairyman Brewery
  • Hawkes Brewing Co
  • Hopsters Co-operative Brewery
  • Lord Nelson Brewery
  • Modus Brewing
  • Nomad Brewing Co
  • One Drop Brewing Co
  • Quakers Hat Brewing
  • Rocks Brewery Co
  • Sauce Brewing Co
  • Shark Island Brewing Company
  • Slow Lane Brewing
  • The Social Brewers
  • Staves Brewery
  • Sunday Road Brewing
  • Sydney Brewery
  • Wayward Brewing Co
  • White Bay Beer Co
  • Wildflower Brewing & Blending
  • Willie the Boatman
  • Young Henrys Brewery
  • Yulli's Brews


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