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Steamed shiitake dumplings w/ soy & chili sauce 4pcs $14 

Vegetable pot stickers - pan fried mushroom and cabbage dumplings served w/ soy & chili sauce  4pc $14

Mushroom & vegetable spring rolls w/ sweet chili sauce 4pcs  $14.50

Grilled satay eggplant skewersw/ crispy shallots  4pcs GF $14.50

Thai-namese  ‘double’ rolls – Vietnamese rice paper rolls filled with lettuce, fresh Asian herbs and a crispy Thai spring roll served w/ peanut & hoisin dipping sauce $14


Garlic chive fritters w/ chili & soy sauce - 3pcs GF $14 Shoestring fries w/ house seasoning & aioli GFO N $9



Spiced fried cauliflower w/ chipotle mayo GF N $15.5

Fried zucchini salad w/ fresh kaffir dressing, chili, lime & fresh herbs GF $15.5

Pan-fried roti w/ massaman curry, fresh cucumber, chili & coriander $15.5

Thai mushroom salad w/ wok tossed crispy king brown mushrooms, toasted peanuts, cucumber, tomato, onion, coriander & mint finished w/ chili, kaffir & lime dressing  GF N $15.5

Stir fried seasonal Asian greens w/ mushroom sauce, chili & garlic GF $14


Turmeric cauliflower pad Thai w/ shredded king brown mushrooms & rainbow chard leaves. Finished w/ lightly toasted peanuts, salted radish, bean sprouts and Asian herbs GF N $19.50

Pad see ew- flat rice noodles, crispy tofu, mushroom sauce, 

baby corn & Chinese broccoli GF $19.50 

Tom yum fried rice net - cherry tomato, tofu, bamboo shoots & broccolini served in a string pastry net $19.50

Dry fried cauliflower jungle curry w/ mixed mushrooms & green beans served w/ steamed jasmine rice- HOT  GF $20



Coconut ice cream sandwich w/ salted peanut cookies $13

Coconut Ice cream by the scoop $4



Kids chips  GFO N  $6 Kids Fried Rice $12

Kids Pad See Ew $12 Vegetable Spring Rolls 3pcs $12

Kids ice cream w/ sprinkles   GFO   $5

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